About Me

Sam Akleh

Sam’s 30 + years of experience in the New York City restaurant arena.  In 2018, Sam entered the commercial real estate market, incorporated his in-depth knowledge of customer service, and, as a result, quickly rose as an independent agent to finally start Iconic in 2021.    


About Me

Christina Combias

Christina’s career has foundations in both the commercial and residential hemispheres. Before starting Iconic, she found a passion for commercial real estate at Savanna Fund, where she oversaw a ground-up project in Harlem. Shortly after that, she wanted to explore the residential side of real estate. During the summer of 2017, she took an internship at Compass Real Estate, where she shadowed a broker and learned the art of closing. Now at Iconic, coming up on their third year, she has transitioned from junior associate to partner and brought her knowledge of closing to action.

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